Monday, 9 December 2019

Summer Learner Journey, Day 2.

For day 2 summer learner journey we are to make similes. Here are my similes shared in a story.....

I collapsed over the fence that marked my property, stumbling onto my knees like a dead fly. I turned around facing the fence, my bolstering veins beating louder than any drum could imagine. There stood a fierce intimidating dog, it's face stern like a scrunched paper. The dog maneuvered back slowly as if it were reversing like a car, still keeping an eye contact. I stood up shaken like a bottle of juice. The dog came to a sharp halt. Then, the ever so teasing puzzle was solved. It was too late. The dog ran towards the fence and pounced over it like a kangaroo. Like a scared fish running from a shark, I ran into my bunker like house, where I slammed the door shut, relieved and calm. A growl in the kitchen made me turn. What? there can't be a dog in my kitchen. Is my security that bad. My life is as bad as a horror filmImage result for car clipartImage result for dog clipart

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