Friday, 5 September 2014

Get To Know Me!

All About Me!

My name is Xavier, I am 7 years old.
My hair is black and long, and my eyes are brown.

I like gravy and fried rice because it is delicious.
My favourite colour is indigo.
I love watching Amazing World Of Gum Ball.
I enjoyed reading books about Hot wheels.
My favourite movie is Turbo because he is fast.
I like to play rugby because I can kick high. 

I live in Camp Road Auckland.
In my house I live with my Mum, my Dad and my baby brother.
I go to St. Patrick's School.
I have no pets.
My Dad is 27 and my Mum is 25 years old and my brother is 4.

My best friends are George and Kevin and Jack.
If any of my friends get hurt when we play I helped them.