Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Highest and lowest dates of temperatures during March!

The hottest dates of temperature during March is 26 celsius which are on the 5th and the 15th of March.

The coldest date of temperature during March is 13 celsius which is on March the third.

The Mean temperature is 24 celsius.

The mode for the highest temperatures is 25 celsius. This appears quite frequently.

The mode for the lowest temperatures is 17 celsius.

Monday, 1 April 2019

My opinion of Jacinda Adern

 J.A International Women's Day
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J.A Parliament Speech

The two speeches I will give my opinion on is from: Jacinda Ardern's speech about women's day 2019 and her speech about the Christchurch shooting 15/3/19. From the two speeches I have formed a opinion about Jacinda Ardern in hopes to increase my comprehension skills in a variety of subjects.

From what I've gained during Jacinda's speech about women's day I found that she took her speech more emotionally and full of pride due to her body movement. Jacinda seems to want equality for all women as she goes over what women have achieved over the years. This include equal pay and 50% percent of women in the parliament being in a executive positions in the government.

From what I've gained over the speech following the Christchurch shooting Jacinda speaks in a way that is stern and serious due to her tone and expression. By Jacinda not speaking the shooters name she shows that New Zealand doesn't accept hate as it doesn't represent New Zealand. Jacinda seems to want everyone to feel safe and close the door to hate to show that we are a country of peace.