Monday, 12 February 2018


12 February 2018

Literacy - Inference
WALHT: Use clues that writers give us in words and images to infer to increase our understanding.

The boy is not happy because he got vegetables on his plate. I can tell of his body language.
His face expression indicates his feeling about veggies.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Term 1 spelling results

Today I made up some spelling results to explore the computer grouping tool.

I entered the data for each week and the possible scores. This information was then selected and I chose the graphing tool selecting the bar graphing and then customise the display by adding the horizontal and vertical as heading

Friday, 2 February 2018

My interpretation of the treaty of waitangi

W.A.L.H.T: We are learning about the treaty of Waitangi

On February 6 1840 The Maori people and the British people declared peace by signing a treaty. The treaty was signed by over 500 Maori chiefs and many British people. It was signed at a place in New Zealand called Waitangi. Every year when it is February 6 people celebrate it.

When the British people came to new zealand they were armed with muskets. With this they could win any battle because the maori people didn't have a strong weapon against the british people. So the maori began trading for muskets giving the british people food. This also began a fight called the musket war. People in New Zealand fought with other people to take there items. Over 20000 people died in the musket war.

The British people bought illnesses which was bad for the Maori people because they had no cure back then. The British people also bought alcohol which also caused many fights. These things including the muskets made the population of the people in new Zealand go down in the 18s.

This was a argument between the British people (Including the queen) and more than 500 Maori chiefs. Whalers came with their crew to New Zealand because they had to hunt for seals and whales. British people came to buy land in New Zealand for them to live in. Missionaries came   

James Busby was the one to come up with the Treaty of Waitangi. New Zealand's high quality wood was cut down by the French and British who keep yelling "Timber!" to import and trade away to places like Australia, this made Maori people very angry.

The Treaty would be a good thing for the natives so that the Maori are given freedom and they are able to control New Zealand. Some Pakeha would hunt birds by shooting them with their muskets to obtain their skin and meat for trading and food. Some Pakeha would ruthlessly attack Maori and kill them. There were two treaties. One was a english translation and the other one being a maori translation.  

Missionary taught Maori people how to read and write in their culture. Missionaries wanted to stop whalers illegally attacking ancient whales and fishes.