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Summer Learner Journey, Day 2.

For day 2 summer learner journey we are to make similes. Here are my similes shared in a story.....

I collapsed over the fence that marked my property, stumbling onto my knees like a dead fly. I turned around facing the fence, my bolstering veins beating louder than any drum could imagine. There stood a fierce intimidating dog, it's face stern like a scrunched paper. The dog maneuvered back slowly as if it were reversing like a car, still keeping an eye contact. I stood up shaken like a bottle of juice. The dog came to a sharp halt. Then, the ever so teasing puzzle was solved. It was too late. The dog ran towards the fence and pounced over it like a kangaroo. Like a scared fish running from a shark, I ran into my bunker like house, where I slammed the door shut, relieved and calm. A growl in the kitchen made me turn. What? there can't be a dog in my kitchen. Is my security that bad. My life is as bad as a horror filmImage result for car clipartImage result for dog clipart

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The wonderful traits of being in a lovable family

The wonderful traits of being in a lovable family.

Families, the pinnacle of virtues, the support to a household. Being in a family may be in a roller coaster but then again, that's why we're here. To enjoy the ride. Knowing what makes a family may help tell what doesn't make a family. Thus, resolving the issue resulting in a, "Perfect" family.

Most families are comfortable acting natural in front of each other. They can laugh, cry, smile and frown with each other showing a perfect bond. This allows them to show any amount of emotion at will. Their bond is like no other. If a child came across a terrible problem at school (a bully for example) the child would easily be able to talk about it with their family. Being able to not hide secrets within their family helps break down all walls of anxiety.

One of the most important virtues in a stable family is love. Love is one of the reasons why you are able to forgive and forget a problem that one of you fellow relatives caused. Love mixed with forgiveness creates an unbreakable relationship between you and your family. Say you failed a test and your scores were unbelievably lower than the Mariana trench. Well, although you may have got a growl, chances are their love was not affected in any way (Just their mood).

"Mum, I was the one who broke the glass cup…." That very sentence although shows that the character has told his mum that he broke the glass cup, it also tells, well..shows something else. It shows that the person is honest. Honesty is the act of telling the truth. If you broke a glass cup, admitting it to your family is called honesty. Honesty is kind of the step before forgiveness as it's usually the reason you would have to be forgiven.

Finally, the most hereditary virtue. Respectfulness. Respecting the elders/everyone was a virtue passed down/taught through discipline or pure common sense by our family. Without any respect where would our religion lead to? Would we still worship God? Will we treat the elders in a proper way? Well, with respect these questions are answered. With respect we would be able to have an infinite amount of faith towards God. We would be able to treat the elders with love and compassion. This is what makes families special. They are most likely the reason to why we have good manners.

It is through family members that we find our true selves. They help shape ourselves to be the best we can be. They inspire us, teach us and learn from us. It's like at the start of this explanation……..Families are the pinnacle of virtues.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Cybersmart Term 4

W.A.L.T: Be cybersmart in a Learn, Create, Share world

Monday, 9 September 2019

Smart Relationships: By Jeremiah, Matheus and Xavier

W.A.L.T: Share our Smart Relationship Knowledge.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The treasure box

As I lay in the ever blinding snow with my father I couldn't help but feel overcome with
dread and fear as if I was sinking into darkness. I sunk into the snow trying to comfort myself
to sleep telling myself that all is a facade and that the outcome, the end of my life would be far
greater than my current situation Despite my fighting spirit I was broken down into tears eventually
crying myself to sleep. As the sun rose, my spirit settled resulting in me feeling empty hearted. As
I attended the funeral I noticed that the surrounding villagers became just blank faces. I felt alone.
Until I heard a whisper lighter than a breeze. The words that were being spoken widen my eyes like
a reaching hand from heaven impulsing he away from the darkness, launching me into the sky.
He said, "I will always be with you".

Friday, 23 August 2019

Leaving the village (Narrative)

I can smell the polluted air, the ashes of friends and family. My ears can pick up the sound of
cries coming from the suffering. I can see the never ending trail of footprints left by the villagers.
I feel uncomfortable as the snow swallows my feet.

My belongings are packed, I'm ready to leave. I see flames emerging from a distant building,
glowing in the ever coldest night. I myself feel fine but my appearance would say otherwise.
Not long after leaving the village I start to stumble. Blinded by snow I struggle to know where I am going.
Despite the mountains of snow I feel heat climbing into my body. With the immense heat I
couldn't help but remove layers of clothing. I now only have a t-shirt and shorts on. I continue to
walk before stumbling and falling unconscious.

I wake up in a bed, confused, not knowing where I am. I seem to be in a small room surrounded by old
family photos. On my right I see a fireplace with emerging flames engulfing the fire wood.
There is only one door, and it's opposite to me on the other side of the room. I swiftly remove the layers
of blanket and slowly approach the door. Before reaching the door, I hear a squeak. The door
knob twists and a person opens the door. 

I quickly analyse my surroundings hoping to find some sort of weapon. I approach the fireplace as
I see a pile of wood stacked onto the wall. In a rush I grab a piece off the stack and turn around to see
not a monster, guard or man but a little child.

"Follow," says the boy quietly as he turns and exits the room. Still holding the wood I followed the
boy out of the room and into some sort of kitchen. There, many people are seated and standing staring
at me.

An elderly person walks forward out of the pile of people and explained that I was
lying in the snow right next to the entrance of their village. They assumed I had hypothermia so
they relocated me to the only available room. Thanks to these villagers my life was saved. Everybody
in the village came to welcome me and by their faces, it seemed that they were pleased to see me.

I'm still planning to find my way home but for the meanwhile…….. I'll stay.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Stalag Luft III

This map is the layout of a German camp made especially to keep office airmen in captivity. This camp is known as Stalag Luft III.

The names, "Dick, Tom and Harry" are names for the caves that the prisoners dug under the camp in hopes of escaping. The red line shows the route the tunnels went to (Although only Harry (the cave) was the only tunnel that was completed as the other two caves were found.

Friday, 16 August 2019

What I would sense in a destroyed village.

This is a piece of writing I have been working on in regards to a book were reading called, "The Treasure Box".

The piece of writing shows what I would smell, hear, see and feel inside a destroyed village.

Monday, 5 August 2019

What to Know About Smart Relationships

W.A.L.T: Demonstrate smart relationship qualities.

Monday, 10 June 2019

My blog profile: Xavier

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Kia Ora, my name is Xavier and I currently attend
Saint Patrick's school as a senior student. I belong to
many cultures although I have quite a small family. We like to talk
about our days and how to improve on our work.
This is one reason for why I enjoy learning.

I enjoy learning, creating and sharing. This not only
helps increase my knowledge but also helps me get used to
being a good ambassador of my school. I hope to be a better
mathematician and a better writer.

This year I look forward to a healthy and positive school.
This not only will help the young students health but will also
brighten there future leading them into new opportunities in life.
I believe  my mum has inspired me to have a positive attitude.
This is because she helps me with my learning.

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Monday, 27 May 2019

Public or Private?

This image shows what I think public and private information is. This shows what I have learnt over the cyber smart sessions.

The bottom image shows what to keep private and public. Although I listed some unnecessary private information I got the majority right.

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Manaiakalani Learner Questionnaire 2019

During our cybersmart session with Ms. Collins, we were given a survey.  These included what school we went to, what we use our Chromebooks for and how learn, create and share effects our learning. This survey was very important as all our answers were recorded.

I found all questions very interesting especially questions that were connected with learn create and share. This is because learn create and share plays a important part in my learning. All the questions were thoughtful as it resulted in me taking a while to answer the questions.

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Highest and lowest dates of temperatures during March!

The hottest dates of temperature during March is 26 celsius which are on the 5th and the 15th of March.

The coldest date of temperature during March is 13 celsius which is on March the third.

The Mean temperature is 24 celsius.

The mode for the highest temperatures is 25 celsius. This appears quite frequently.

The mode for the lowest temperatures is 17 celsius.

Monday, 1 April 2019

My opinion of Jacinda Adern

 J.A International Women's Day
Image result for jacinda ardern
J.A Parliament Speech

The two speeches I will give my opinion on is from: Jacinda Ardern's speech about women's day 2019 and her speech about the Christchurch shooting 15/3/19. From the two speeches I have formed a opinion about Jacinda Ardern in hopes to increase my comprehension skills in a variety of subjects.

From what I've gained during Jacinda's speech about women's day I found that she took her speech more emotionally and full of pride due to her body movement. Jacinda seems to want equality for all women as she goes over what women have achieved over the years. This include equal pay and 50% percent of women in the parliament being in a executive positions in the government.

From what I've gained over the speech following the Christchurch shooting Jacinda speaks in a way that is stern and serious due to her tone and expression. By Jacinda not speaking the shooters name she shows that New Zealand doesn't accept hate as it doesn't represent New Zealand. Jacinda seems to want everyone to feel safe and close the door to hate to show that we are a country of peace.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Astrobiology: The Goldilock zone

Manaiakalani Ambassador

Last year I was nominated to represent Saint Patrick's as an Ambassador for Manaiakalani for 2019. This year I was able to represent Saint Patrick's for the first time in  March.

This is an image from the first meeting of all the Manaiakalani Ambassadors. My Ambassador presentation was about the Fencibles and the details of their homes. This was a practise as our main topic this year is Naked Food and the process of how we are going to become a healthy environmentally friendly school.

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School Journal October 2014

The Fantastic Flying Books Of Morris Lessmore

Learning intention: We are learning to use narrative devices to analyse this movie by William Joyce

Movie link:

Friday, 22 February 2019

Smart learners

Learning Intention: We are learning to create a positive digital footprint.

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Bio about me!


Favorite Place:
Manga library
Favorite Festival:
Favorite Traditional food:
kool aid and packets of chips
Favorite kiwi Food:
Weet bix
Studying physics