Friday, 27 March 2015

My favorite fruit

Have you eaten a mango?

My favorite fruit is round, sometimes oval.
Mango is tasty and yummy. It is juicy and refreshing.
It is also delicious.

Some mangoes have red skin,some are yellow. If a mangoes is green you can eat it, but they are sour. when you bite yellow mangoes they are soft and sweet. Some mangoes are big, some are small.
I think mango is the best fruit in the world.

Friday, 20 March 2015

My Special Time With My Grandma

Hurray!! My grandma and I went to Rainbow's end two weeks ago.

The first ride I went on was the roller coaster. My Grandma said she couldn't go because she's getting a bit old. After that we had an ice cream.

Then I went on a ride called Gold rush. After the ride I was dizzy. My Grandma said are you all 
right? I replied yes. 

The next ride was scary it was called the Fear fall. When I was on top of the view was beautiful. Then the Fear fall went down really fast that I could not 
feel my legs.

I had a good time with my grandma.