Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The wonkey donkey

OMG! On Monday at my school trip I found a donkey stuck in a swamp.

Me and my friends pushed him out off the swamp. He had one eye and half a tail. His eye looked creepy so I cover it with an eye patch. But we were still scared because of its tail.

We picked him up and he was able to stand up. One of my friend was listening to the music and the donkey danced to that music. He had funny movements. Me and my friends  laughed.

Two donkeys walked towards me. "He Haw" they said.
The donkey  smiled at me. Then they licked us.
The donkey ran to its parents,and  it was hungry so I fed him carrots from my launch box.The donkey fell asleep.

We put bandages on him and before we left we corvered him with a blanket.

I went home tired but I still had fun.

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