Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The best weekend ever!

On Saturday the 27 of February we went to the beach.

I took off my shoes and and played in the sand and I made sand castles and drew pictures on the sand. Then I heard a ice cream truck and I bought a chocolate ice cream.

After that we played in the water.We passed the ball to each other and the person who dropped it,is the next tagger. I was the first to drop the ball.Then we played tag.

My mum also packed some sandwiches so we could have them when we felt hungry or needed a break.After we finish eating we picked up shells of.

After that we had a race in the water.I came second and my uncle came first.We also picked up some rubbish.

My favourite part of the day was when we raced in the sea.I liked it because it was fun.That was the best weekend ever.

Learning intention: We are learning to under stand the structure of a recount.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I write an orientation, followed by the events and then a conclusion about my day at the beach.

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  1. That is an amazing story Xavier!! by mum


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