Friday, 8 July 2016

Troll Quest is a tricky game!

I can’t wait! I woke up on Saturday morning and I made my brother and I some breakfast to eat. I prepared some warm weetbix and I did that by boiling the jug and then adding in some hot water into the weetbix. Then I added some milk and sugar to make it sweet. My brother liked it very much because he was smiling!

After breakfast, my mum and dad woke up and said loudly, ‘‘Good morning!’’  My brother and I greeted them back and then we went to brush our teeth.  Then I stayed in my room and read a book because I was bored and cold.  The book was called Geronimo Stilton and The Halloween Invitation.  

I liked it because it was spooky and there was a twist at the end because there was a clown and they had to find out which one of the mice was the clown thief. It was quite a small chapter book so I had finished reading it by ten o'clock. I thought about what to do after I read the book and that’s when writing a book review popped into my head. So I ran and got a pencil and a piece of paper and started writing my book review.

Once I had finished with the book review, I put it in my drawer so no one would be able to touch it. Then I went to my mum, dad and my brother who were all watching the television quietly.  They were watching a rugby game. While they were watching the game, my cousin arrived at my house for a sleepover that night, bringing his food and sleeping bag. We played a game on the PS3 console called street fighter.  

My cousin was really good at the game because he kept on winning using special powers. A while later, my mom said that we could use the computer, so we watched youtubers playing games and then we played a game called Roblox. There were more than 100 mini games on Roblox. I played a tycoon, which was called Dantdm’s tycoon lab.

While I was playing roblox, I remembered that I still needed to do my homework so I let my cousin have a turn and I went to do my homework. My homework was Xtramath and Read Theory. After that, I wrote it in my notebook so I can show my teacher that I had done my homework. Then my cousin called me to go over to him just as I put my notebook into my bag.

When I went to them, I noticed that they weren't playing Roblox, but they were playing one of my favourite computer games called Troll Quest. What I love about the game is that it’s funny and the answer to the levels are not as easy as you think it is. While we were playing troll quest, my uncle (who is 12 years old) came over to tell us that there will be a party at my house at 6 o’clock.  My family nodded our heads and said, “Yes!” Then I asked my mum and dad if I could go on my uncle's bike to his house straight away because by then it was already 5 o’clock.

My parents said, ‘‘Yes.’’ So my uncle and I went on the bike to his house. I stood on the back pedals to get there. When we both got there, I saw a lot of balloons and paintings of old singers like Elvis. When the party started, I was dancing to tap music. Unfortunately soon we had to leave early from the party, but I wasn't sure why.
When I got home, I drifted off to sleep very quickly.

My favourite part of the day was when I was playing Troll Quest.

I liked it because it was really fun.Image result for bmx bikes

Learning intention: We are learning to understand and use descriptive language in our writing.

Success criteria: I know I can do this when I use adverbs and descriptive language to describe my weekend.

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