Monday, 21 October 2019

The wonderful traits of being in a lovable family

The wonderful traits of being in a lovable family.

Families, the pinnacle of virtues, the support to a household. Being in a family may be in a roller coaster but then again, that's why we're here. To enjoy the ride. Knowing what makes a family may help tell what doesn't make a family. Thus, resolving the issue resulting in a, "Perfect" family.

Most families are comfortable acting natural in front of each other. They can laugh, cry, smile and frown with each other showing a perfect bond. This allows them to show any amount of emotion at will. Their bond is like no other. If a child came across a terrible problem at school (a bully for example) the child would easily be able to talk about it with their family. Being able to not hide secrets within their family helps break down all walls of anxiety.

One of the most important virtues in a stable family is love. Love is one of the reasons why you are able to forgive and forget a problem that one of you fellow relatives caused. Love mixed with forgiveness creates an unbreakable relationship between you and your family. Say you failed a test and your scores were unbelievably lower than the Mariana trench. Well, although you may have got a growl, chances are their love was not affected in any way (Just their mood).

"Mum, I was the one who broke the glass cup…." That very sentence although shows that the character has told his mum that he broke the glass cup, it also tells, well..shows something else. It shows that the person is honest. Honesty is the act of telling the truth. If you broke a glass cup, admitting it to your family is called honesty. Honesty is kind of the step before forgiveness as it's usually the reason you would have to be forgiven.

Finally, the most hereditary virtue. Respectfulness. Respecting the elders/everyone was a virtue passed down/taught through discipline or pure common sense by our family. Without any respect where would our religion lead to? Would we still worship God? Will we treat the elders in a proper way? Well, with respect these questions are answered. With respect we would be able to have an infinite amount of faith towards God. We would be able to treat the elders with love and compassion. This is what makes families special. They are most likely the reason to why we have good manners.

It is through family members that we find our true selves. They help shape ourselves to be the best we can be. They inspire us, teach us and learn from us. It's like at the start of this explanation……..Families are the pinnacle of virtues.

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