Sunday, 12 June 2016

Do you know how to do a magic trick?

  • Pack of cards

Step 1.
Get your cards and take any random twenty cards out of the whole packet. When you have  done that, put the twenty cards next to you in a pile (on the left or the right).

Step 2.
Then get someone who doesn't know this trick and tell them to pick out a card out of the pile. Close your eyes while they're picking out a card.

Step 3.
Once they have picked a card, tell them to put the card on top of the rest of the cards (not the 20 cards).

Step 4.

Put your 20 cards on top of the rest of the cards and count 20 in your mind slowly so that they won’t find out your trick, and once you count 20, take out that card and it should be their card. 

Learning intention: We are learning to write a procedure.

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Success criteria: I know I can do this when I write the steps for performing a magic trick in order.

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